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"Adopt an Animal" Program

Adopt An Animal makes a great gift for any occasion. Your Donation for Croc-Talks'™ Adopt An Animal is a symbolic adoption which helps the Croc-Talk Conservation Program to preserve the species. Adopt An Animal for yourself or order an Adopt an Animal as a gift. Help us make a difference for these amazing modern day dinosaurs, or our African Wild Cats and Tortoises -Adopt An Animal Today!

When you become an Honorary Zookeeper in the Adopt An Animal program, you become part of the Zoo community! In return for your generous support, you'll receive a CarePak stuffed with a personalized Honorary Zookeeper certificate, a color photo, facts about your animal and more. While the animal you choose to sponsor will remain at the CrocTalk Facility, you will take home the satisfaction of contributing to the Zoo community and the well-being of these special animals.

Annual Sponsorship Rate $40 $60 $100 $500 $1000
Personalized Adoption Certificates X X X X X
Photo of Adopted Animal X X X X X
Nature Notes of Adopted Animal X X X X X
Name Recognition on CrocTalk Website X X X X X
Autographed Digital Photo   X X X X
Two Guest Passes & Snapping Croc Toy     X    
Five Guest Passes & Snapping Croc Toy       X  
Five CrocTalk Animal Digital Photos       X X
Ten Guest Passes & Snapping Croc Toy         X
One Family Membership (four people)         X

Two ways to Order:

Order Online ...Select Package desired and proceed to "Donate" below and pay through PayPal, then email the following info to for processing.

  1. Name and address & phone
  2. Name of Reciprient (if necessary)
  3. Name of Animal(s) wanting to Adopt

Order at our Facility & payments accepted are Cash or Debit

Animals Available for Adoption:

Alligators including "Alli, Lucy, Lucky, Vader & Later McGator"
Spectacled Caimans: Merlin, Donetelo, Leonardo, Tanner, Tanis, Rapheal, Splinter, Moe & Curlie
Smooth Fronted (Cuvier Dwarfs) named Keeda & Coda
African Wild Cats include: African Serval "Cleo" & "Carlos" African Caracal
Sulcata Tortoises named "Buddy, Mother Nature, & Sherman" and a large variety of Red Eared Sliders, Bunnies & Guinea pigs!

This donation is not tax-deductible and is valid for a period of one year.

Shipping is standard, Canada Post /USPS mail. CrocTalk Conservation is not responsible for any delays in mail once shipped. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

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